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Title:Post Season Ride Operator
Minimum Age Requirements:Must be at least 16 years of age to apply
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Post- Season Rides - 2018
Each Post-Season Ride Operator must work, (13), (15), or (17) shifts. Post-Season Ride Operator shifts will be both night shifts and day shifts. Day Shift start prior to park opening and vary depending on the ride. Night shift start times will vary, but will typically start around 4PM and will typically end after the scheduled park closing time. Please indicate your scheduled work preference from the following groups:
You must work a total of  (10), (12), or (16) of the following EVENING shifts. Please indicate your  preferred dates.
Friday, September 7
Saturday, September 8
Sunday, September 9
Friday, September 14
Saturday, September 15
Sunday, September 16
Friday, September 21
Saturday, September 22
Sunday, September 23
Friday, September 28
Saturday, September 29
Sunday, September 30
Friday, October 5
Saturday, October 6
Sunday, October 7
Friday, October 12
Saturday, October 13
Sunday October 14
Friday, October 26
Saturday, October 27
Sunday, October 28
Monday, October 29
Tuesday, October 30
You must work a total of  (3)Three of the following Evening Shifts. Please indicate your  preferred dates.
Thursday, October 18,
Friday, October 19,
Saturday, October 20,
Sunday, October 21,
Application for Seasonal Employment
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* To assist Lagoon in complying with state and federal laws regulating employment of minors and establishing eligibility of certain tasks, as of today's date what is your age range?:
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15 years old
14 years old
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Work Experience
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If yes, please list the names of your present or previous employers in chronological order with present or last employer listed first. Be sure to account for ALL periods of time including military service, and any period of unemployment. If self-employed, give firm name and supply business references (add additional page if necessary).

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I understand that employment at Lagoon, Inc. and affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is employment at will and may be terminated with or without cause at the will of either the Company or the employee. I understand that any misstatements or omissions of material facts in the application may be cause for dismissal. I agree that any loss; damage, or shortage in money, tickets, merchandise, or equipment in my charge shall be personally remitted back to the Company or shall be deducted from my payroll check. I understand that my performance may be periodically reviewed and that reasonable cause may result in investigative action by this Company to the extent permitted by law, including the use of a polygraph. I agree that my employment may be terminated by this Company at any time without liability for lost wages or salary except such as may have been earned at the date of such termination. I authorize investigation into all statements and any references listed, and by doing so, give full permission for same to release all information to the Company. I further understand that this is an application for employment and no employment contract is being offered. I understand that I am applying for seasonal work only. I certify that all of the information that I have provided on this application is true and accurate. This application will be considered active until the end of the current operating season or three months, whichever is greater. A copy of Lagoon's Employee Application and Information Retention Policy is available to all applicants upon request.

In the event of my employment to a position in this Company, I will comply with all rules and regulations of this Company. I understand that the Company reserves the right to require me to submit to a test for the presence of drugs in my system prior to employment and at any time during my employment, to the extent permitted by law. I also understand that any offer of employment may be contingent upon the passing of a physical examination and a test for the presence of alcohol in my system, performed by a doctor selected by the Company. Further, I understand that at any time after I am hired, the Company may require me to submit to a physical examination and an alcohol test, to the extent permitted by law. I consent to the disclosure of the results of any physical examination and related tests to the Company. I also understand that I may be required to take other tests such as personality and honesty tests, prior to employment and during my employment. I understand that should I decline to sign this consent or decline to take any of the above tests, my application for employment may be rejected or my employment may be terminated. I understand that bonding may be a condition of hire. If it is, I will be so advised either before or after hiring and a bond application will have to be completed.

I understand that the Company may investigate my driving record and my criminal record and that an investigative consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with my neighbors, friends, personal references, and others with whom I am acquainted. This inquiry includes information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living. I understand that I have the right to make a written inquiry within a reasonable period of time to receive additional detailed information about the nature and scope of this investigation. I further understand that the Company may contact my previous employers and I authorize those employers to disclose to the Company all records and information pertinent to my employment with them. In addition to authorizing the release of any information regarding my employment, I hereby fully waive any rights or claims I have or may have against my former employers, their agents, employees and representatives, as well as other individuals who release information to the Company, and release them from any and all liability, claims, or damages that may directly or indirectly result from the use, disclosure, or release of any such information by any person or party, whether such information is favorable or unfavorable to me. I authorize the persons named herein as personal references to provide the Company with any pertinent information they may have regarding myself.

I hereby state that all the information that I provided on this application or any other documents filled out in connection with my employment, and in any interview is true and correct. I have withheld nothing that would, if disclosed, affect this application unfavorably. I understand that if I am employed and any such information is later found to be false or incomplete in any respect, I may be dismissed. I understand if selected for hire, it will be necessary for me to provide satisfactory evidence of my identity and legal authority to work in the United States, and that federal immigration laws require me to complete an I-9 Form in this regard.

I further acknowledge and agree that the Company and I will utilize binding arbitration to resolve all disputes that may arise out of the employment context. Both the Company and I agree that any claim, dispute, and/or controversy that either I may have against the Company (or its owners, directors, officers, managers, employees, agents, and parties affiliated with its employee benefit and health plans) or the Company may have against me, arising from, related to, or having any relationship or connection whatsoever with my seeking employment with, employment by, or other association with the Company shall be submitted to and determined exclusively by binding arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act, in conformity with the procedures of the Utah Uniform Arbitration Act (Utah Code Ann. 78-31a-101, et. seq. including 78-31a-118, and all of the Act's other mandatory and permissive rights to discovery). Included within the scope of this Agreement are all disputes, whether based on tort, contract, statute (including, but not limited to, any claims of discrimination and harassment, whether they be based on the Utah Antidiscrimination Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, or any other state or federal law or regulation), equitable law, or otherwise, with exception of claims arising under the National Labor Relations Act which are brought before the National Labor Relations Board, claims for medical and disability benefits under the Utah Workers' Compensation Act, Utah Department of Welfare Services, or as otherwise required by state or federal law. However, nothing herein shall prevent me from filing and pursuing proceedings before the Utah Anti-Discrimination and Labor Division, or the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (although if I choose to pursue a claim following the exhaustion of such administrative remedies, that claim would be subject to the provisions of this Agreement). In addition to any other requirements imposed by law, the arbitrator selected shall be a retired Utah District Court Judge, or otherwise qualified individual to whom the parties mutually agree, and shall be subject to disqualification on the same grounds as would apply to a judge of such court. All rules of pleading, all rules of evidence, all rights to resolution of the dispute by means of motions for summary judgment and judgment on the pleadings shall apply and be observed. Resolution of the dispute shall be based solely upon the law governing the claims and defenses pleaded, and the arbitrator may not invoke any basis (including but not limited to, notions of "just cause") other than such controlling law. Further, this Agreement shall not prevent either me or the Company from obtaining provisional remedies to the extent permitted by Utah Code 78-31a-109 (either before the commencement of or during the arbitration process), pending final resolution of the dispute pursuant to this Agreement. The arbitrator shall have the immunity of a judicial officer from civil liability when acting in the capacity of an arbitrator, which immunity supplements any other existing immunity. Likewise, all communications during or in connection with the arbitration proceedings are privileged under state law. As reasonably required to allow full use and benefit of this agreement's modifications to the Act's procedures, the arbitrator shall extend the times set by the Act for the giving of notices and setting of hearings. Awards shall include the arbitrator's written reasoned opinion. I understand and agree to this binding arbitration provision, and both I and the Company give up our right to trial by jury of any claim I or the Company may have against each other.

If hired, I agree as follows: My employment and compensation is terminable at-will, is for no definite period, and my employment and compensation may be terminated by either the Company (employer) or me at any time and for any reason whatsoever, with or without good cause.

This is the entire agreement between the Company and me regarding dispute resolution, the length of my employment, and the reasons for termination of employment, and this agreement supersedes any and all prior agreements regarding these issues. It is further agreed and understood that any agreement contrary to the foregoing must be entered into, in writing, by myself and the President of the Company. No supervisor or representative of the Company, other than its President, has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or make any agreement contrary to the foregoing. Oral representations made before or after you are hired do not alter this Agreement.

If any term or provision, or portion of this Agreement is declared void or unenforceable it shall be severed and the remainder of this Agreement shall be enforceable. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please ask a company representative before signing. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above statements and understand the same.


* I have read, understood and agree to the above statement:
* Signature (type name):
* Date:



I have read, understood, agree to, and have discussed with the applicant, the above statement:
Parent or Guardian Signature (type name):
Emergency Contact Form

Emergency Contact Form

The information supplied on this questionnaire may be used by our First Aid Department, if necessary, to assist employees with medical issues or injury. The Primary Contact must be a parent or guardian if under the age of 18.

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